Technology Commercialization Services


  • Develop a funding strategy that is appropriate for your technology and situation
  • Identify federal agencies with R&D interest in your technology
  • Understand the SBIR/STTR application process—obtaining required registrations, reviewing and improving your proposal, communicating with agency program manager, and staying on top of deadlines
  • Put your venture in front of other funding sources such as private investors, state programs and other grant opportunities
  • Understand investor requirements and create an effective presentation

NBDC provides assistance with these funding strategies:


The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs offer federal grant opportunities to small businesses for pursuing research and research/development (R/R&D) that has potential for commercialization. More about SBIR/STTR

Investor Funding

Equity capital or financing is money raised by a business in exchange for a share of ownership in the company. Two key sources of equity capital for new businesses are angel investors and venture capital firms. More about investor funding.

State Grants for R&D

  • Nebraska SBIR Phase 0 Planning Grants up to $5,000/reimbursement basis
  • Nebraska SBIR Matching Grants for Phase I and Phase II up to $100,000 or 65% of federal grant/reimbursement basis
  • Nebraska R& D Phase I up to $100,000, 4 to 1 match/reimbursable basis
  • Nebraska R&D Phase II up to $400,000, 1 to 1 match/reimtursable basis.

Traditional Loan Options

These include traditional bank loans, SBA guaranteed loans and USDA guaranteed loans.