Job Shop

Job Shop Misconceptions: Making the Case for Lean

Author: Renee Held
In today's competitive business environment, a focus on continuous improvement through Lean can make a big difference in the financial success and growth of a business.


Customer Service through Incoterms

Author: Josh Nichol-Caddy
Settling for the "one size, fits all" shipping solutions typically offered by large logistics companies, small businesses miss out on customer service options that could help differentiate their products. This paper defines the terms and conditions of all the options Incoterms present.

Pitch to Investors

Is the woman-owned federal contracting program a good choice for your business?

Author: Mary Graff
Set asides narrow the playing field and increase your chance of winning contracts. A contracting specialist explains the federal government set-aside program for woman-owned businessess and explores the advantages and disadvantages.

Pitch to Investors

Five key ways to pitch your idea to investors

Author: Wei Jing
Here are five key ways by which a startup can effectively pitch their ideas, focusing specifically on communicating financial information.

Sell to Government

Want to sell to the government? Do your market research!

Author: Veronica Doga
How many times have you heard that government buys everything you can think of? In general, it is true. And, means a huge opportunity for small businesses.


Perceptions of cause-related marketing tactics

Author: Robert Bernier
Study of small business owners in Nebraska reveals reluctance to make judgements about tactics intended to manipulate customers and more certainty about genuine charitable actions.


Eight techniques for favorable negotiation outcomes

Author: Dick Uhing
Before entering into negotiation, planning is essential. The person with the right mindset is more in control and will achieve the better outcome. These techniques will help you and your business negotiate successfully.


Developing a model to identify favorable export markets

Author: Josh Nichol-Caddy
Market research can help small business owners determine where to dedicate time and resources to expand their sales into foreign countries. NBDC uses a four-step process for surveying global demand.


Small business and entrepreneurship in Nebraska

Author: Robert Bernier
How does small business and entrepreneurship in Nebraska compare to its counterparts in other regions of the U.S.? What determines the rates of business formation in a community? What are the significant characteristics of Nebraska small businesses?


Why cash flow is more important than profit

Author: Aretha Boex
While profits are good, they do not adequately represent the financial standing of a firm. It is quite possible for a company to report profits but be unable to grow, secure financing or attract investors.

Boomers v Gen Y

The strengths of entrepreneurs in Nebraska

Author: Zack Zimmerman
Nebraska has an entrepreneurial spirit in its culture. This study of Nebraska university students using the Gallup Strengths Finder attempts to identify, articulate and analyze what exactly that means.

Boomers v Gen Y

Lean Case Studies: the journey starts with awareness

Author: Roger McCullough
Each company’s journey to a more Lean operation will begin in different ways with different projects. The first step to this journey is awareness. Awareness of the wastes that hinder us, awareness of the tools that are available to us and awareness of the great potential that Lean affords us in satisfying our customer’s needs

Boomers v Gen Y

Boomers vs. Gen Y—the new communication gap

Author: Sara Bennett
A key issue between Baby Boomer managers and Generation Y employees is a difference of opinion on how often feedback regarding performance should be administered and the mode of feedback that is appropriate. Effective communication is essential for performance and productivity.

Go Green

Get two for one—the same strategies help you go green and improve wellness

Author: Jean Waters
Going green and losing weight may very well be two of the biggest ever lifestyle buzzwords. Both require conscious effort, planning and systematic changes and both yield beneficial results. Drawing comparisons between green and wellness campaigns, Jean Waters, environmental engineer, discusses costs, benefits and strategies of pursuing sustainability.

saturation points

Saturation points—know your market before you jump

Author: Sara Bennett
What may appear at first glance as a growing industry in your area with substantial opportunity may in fact be an industry with too many players already in that market. How do you decide to take the plunge with your start up?

financial records

Why good financial records are worth the effort

Author: Sara Bennett
Accounting. Taxes. Payroll. Recordkeeping. Necessary, but confusing at times. Thorough and accurate recordkeeping of all revenues and expenses related to your business is essential and goes beyond financial and tax reporting. Why you should seek help from the pros.
government contracting

Growing your business by selling to the government

Author: Roger Johnson
Twenty-three percent of all prime contracts are set aside for small business. This has resulted in more than $83 billion dollars of revenue for small businesses. This is a lot of opportunity you could be missing out on for your business.

government contracting

A practical guide to the Veterans Administration small business program

Author: Jason Bousquet
In 2015, the Veterans Administration could spend as much as $12.6B of their $65.3B2 budget with verified (certified) veteran owned firms in both prime or subcontractor roles. Clear up confusion about the certification process.

time management

Pomodoro Technique for time management

Author: Beth Giesbrecht
Pomodoro means tomato in Italian, but for time management it refers to a technique developed by Francesco Cirillo in the 1980s and re-discovered by today's project managers.


Brand planning—it's more than jingles

Author: Chuck Beck
A strong brand is important selling to consumers and building customer loyalty. This is just as true when you are seeking business in the government marketplace. A brand plan gives your company the right kind of visibility to attract contracting agents.

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